What are The 20 Most Common Gardening Tools? Best Gardeners’ Essentials!

what are the 20 most common gardening tools

Gardening can be fun but can also be exhausting. You need to learn how to do it properly with suitable equipment. Utilizing gardening tools can make gardening less tiring and more enjoyable.

Gardening tools come in many types and uses. Essential gardening tools are a must-have for those who are just starting their garden. Meanwhile, if you have advanced knowledge of gardening, you may need some specialized tools to make gardening easier.

And so, What are the 20 most common gardening tools? You might ask. Now let’s check some of the most common gardening tools here!

Types of Basic Gardening Tools and Their Uses

Here is a summary of the most common gardening tools that are suitable for beginner and advanced gardeners!

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1. Hand Trowel

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel used for scoping can be very useful for transplanting plants from one place to another. It can also be used to move a  small amount of garden area because of its curved shape that can accommodate small plant roots.

2. Pruning Shears

Pruning Shears

Cutting is one of the most common gardening jobs. Pruning shears are the best choice for completing some cutting jobs such as harvesting and removing some bushes and deadheads from the plant’s edge. It’s a must-have item!

3. Watering Can

Watering Can

To keep the plant’s soil well hydrated, you should not miss this tool. Using a watering can help you spread water evenly over the soil and plants. Watering can come in various sizes, and you can choose the size that suits your needs.

4. Watering Wand

Watering Wand

If your garden has a lot of plants, some of your plants may be difficult to water because they are out of reach. You might consider having this tool to help you reach the plants so they get enough water. A watering wand can also be helpful for watering hanging plants.

5. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is one of the most common gardening tools for beginners.

Carrying plants and soil here and there can be very tiring, right? Try to use this tool to help you carry anything. The wheelbarrow is quite helpful for doing any heavy lifting work such as moving around soils, pots, and other gardening tools.

6. Garden Rake

Garden Rake

Letting falling leaves pile up in your garden can spoil the beauty of the garden view. Tidy your garden regularly with a garden rake. This tool can also help you easily remove unnecessary objects from the garden surface. It is one of the most common gardening tools that will be super handy when autumn comes!

7. Garden Hoe

Garden Hoe

A hoe is a handy tool for preparing the soil before you start planting in your garden. Different types of gardens may require different hoes, which is why hoes come in different styles and sizes. It’s crucial to ensure a comfortable grip when choosing a good hoe.

8. Spade


Spades are short-handed square shovels. This tool is suitable for treating plant soil, especially for digging holes for plants and seeds. You can also move mud and some dirt from the plant area to another space with this tool. Spades are a valuable asset for your garden.

9. Garden Fork

Garden Fork

The garden fork is made especially for turning soil, composite, and scooping mulch. To have nutrient-rich soil for your plants, you may have to mix the soil with a composite. This tool can be convenient for the job.

10. Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

Spray bottles can be helpful for gardens that grow small flowers and houseplants. After all, those types of plants usually only require small amounts of water so a spryer is ideal for that. Moreover, spraying the plants can also keep them looking shiny and pretty.

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11. Loppers

Loppers for gardening.

Loppers are long-handed cutting tools. The long handle will allow you to reach the taller plants that are difficult to trim. Lopper can be very useful for those of you who have a large garden with lots of trees.

12. Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves

Gardening is not always fun and game. You need to pay attention to safety too! Some gardening activities can be risky, be sure to protect your hands from dirt and prevent them from getting scratched by wearing gardening gloves.

13. Kneeling Pads

Kneeling Pads

When taking care of plants shorter than your height, you may have to kneel for extended periods. Try placing these kneeling pads under your knees, it will make your knees feel more comfortable while gardening. It is one of the most common gardening tools that is often overlooked. So get one now!

14. Sprinkler


If you maintain a large garden, using a sprinkler to provide water to your plants is an efficient way to save time and energy. Rotating sprinkler is also very useful for watering large areas of land. 

15. Hand-Held Weeder

Hand Held Weeder

If you’re having problems with weeds that overrun your garden even after you remove them, you can try rooting out the weeds. This hand-held weeder is specially made to do the task. This tool can also be helpful for pulling out the roots of any old plants when preparing the soil for new ones.

16. Swivel Shears

Swivel garden shears

Swivel shears are basically loppers with angle-adjustability. The flexibility of the angle allows this tool to reach tricky spots in your garden. It also can be used to tidy up the lawn. A multifunctional tool that makes gardening easy!

17. Angled Shovel

Angled Shovel

An Angled shovel is a regular shovel with a triangular head which gives it a similar use to a spade. The difference is in the longer grip, which makes the angled shovel handier for a large garden. The curved end is also easier to use than the square one, making this tool friendly for beginners.

18. Gardening Hose

Gardening hose.

A gardening hose helps you connect water sources to any place in your garden. That way, you don’t have to carry the water here and there to water your plants. Garden hoses usually also use water spray that can control the flow. This tool will be very useful in the long run, which is good if you are planning to expand your garden

19. Measuring Stick

Measuring Stick

If you’re a person that cares about details and loves an organized garden, you may need this tool to help you plan your garden. The measuring stick can be used for creating planting lines so that your garden looks organized. Seeing your garden look neat and beautiful will give you a lot more satisfaction!

20. Step Lawn Edger

Step Lawn Edger

Another tool that can be very helpful for making your garden look tidy is a step lawn edger. This tool can neatly trim extra grass edges that surround your garden. Neat edges can be a perfect border that defines your garden areas.

After knowing the use of the most common gardening tools, have you decided what ones are needed for your garden? 

It is vital that you choose a tool based on its function, but also make sure that the tool has good quality materials. Good quality tools can be a good asset and will last longer.

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