How to Remove Mold in The Soil of Houseplants! Easy Guide!

Removing mold in the soil of houseplants!

Planting houseplants in your house can give your rooms a pleasant view and environment. Enjoying the beauty of houseplants every day can soothe your heart and mind. However, this tranquility can sometimes be less enjoyable due to unexpected drawbacks.

Mold in the soil of houseplants is one of those pesky problems.

Seeing mold grow in the soil of the houseplants not only spoils the beauty of the plants but it can also ruin your day.

Besides affecting the looks, mold is also known to quickly spread its spores from one plant to another. It would be troublesome if you found mold growing in the soil of one of your plants, right?

If you have a problem with mold in your houseplant’s soils, here are things that you need to know to deal with them!

Why do Houseplants get Mold on The Soil?

Mold growth in the soil can be affected by many things. Mold spores themselves are actually part of soil microorganisms and can grow into fungi due to certain conditions such as high humidity or moisture levels.

This condition gives the soil extra water and nutrients that allow microorganisms such as mold to grow.

Watering the plants daily or too often may increase the soil moisture levels. Apart from controlling the water intake, the humidity level of the room where the houseplants are placed can also affect them.

So, make sure to keep the room and plants at a normal and stable humidity level. That’s how you prevent mold in the soil of houseplants to develop too wildly!

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Is Mold in Plant Soil Harmful?

Mold lives by absorbing the water and nutrients from the soil. So, the presence of molds is a sign that the soil holds an abundance of nutrients, causing the mold to grow. That can be a good sign of healthy soil.

Mold in the soil of houseplants is usually a white mold that spreads on the ground. This type of mold is usually not harmful to our lives.

Well, it does steal some nutrients from the houseplant’s soil, but it won’t go beyond that, so we can say that this mold is not harmful.

Mold in plants

Did you know that placing houseplants can actually reduce the mold growth in your home? This can happen because the soil moisture level is essentially higher than anything else in your room, and with mold growing on the surface, they absorb moisture in your room and leave no place for mold to grow.

While mold becomes a problem when it appears in the soil of your houseplants, there is also a good side to placing the houseplants in your home. So, you do not need to worry about mold in the soil of your houseplants.

How to Stop Mold from Growing on Houseplant Soil?

Since mold growth is caused mainly by high moisture or humidity levels, be sure to continuously monitor your room’s temperature and humidity level. Maintain the level in a state where mold is unlikely to grow.

If you think it’s caused by over-watering, you can make a schedule to water the plant less often and give them proper drainage. It’s also important to place the houseplants in a place that is exposed to sunlight. These actions can help to control the soil moisture and help mold stop growing.

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How to get rid of White Mold in Plant Soil?

There are several easy steps to get rid of mold in plant soil. The simplest way is just to scrape off the moldy part of the soil. Another way is to use wet paper with the moldy part with wet paper.

The paper should be wet because wet absorbs mold spores. The dry paper, on the other hand, could spread the mold spores.

Keep in mind that this soil plant mold is always associated with high moisture levels. Try adding more moisture absorbent like baking soda to the moldy areas of the soil, then let them fight for water contents on that soil. This method is a bit risky, so only do it if necessary.

Those are some tips for you to help get rid of mold in plant soil whether you’ve found one or just to note if someday you’ll find one, hope these help!

Remember that it’s always good to keep the plants healthy and beautiful. Having a nice daily routine with your beloved houseplants would be so much fun. So, it’s better to prevent the mold in the soil of houseplants from growing than to deal with it.

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