How to Planting Corn: Preparation, Steps, and Growing Tips

How To Planting Corn

This page would present the best methods of how to planting corn. Fortunately, you can use any soil type to grow this plant.

However, growing corn is one thing and getting the cob to mature is another thing.

As the gardener, you have to know how to planting corn properly. This plant is actually a warm-season annual.

The best soil for corn planting is the one that reaches 60 Fahrenheit of temperature.

Usually, people begin to plant it about 2 or 3 weeks after the last frost of the winter season. It takes place in the spring.

If you plant the corn in cold and wet soil, there is zero chance to germinate.

For the corn to grow, it takes from sixty to a hundred days. That also depends on the variety and the heat when it is growing.

Therefore, knowing the details about how to planting corn is necessary. Check this out.

How to Planting Corn

Let us begin with this straightforward question. What is the best way to plant corn? Well, we are about to know the easiest way.

Thus, you do not need to have advanced gardening skills to grow and harvest good-quality corn.

First thing first, you should grow it in the spring season. The warm climate should be between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prepare the following things before planting.

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Preparing the Field or Bedseed

How to prepare a field for planting corn

This is the way how to prepare a field for planting corn. Knowing the right way for preparing the seedbed is necessary.

Actually, there are some basic methods and variations of ways to do that. The ideal field should have warm, moist, and well-aerated but firm soil.

You can try the conventional way by plowing in fall or spring. It should be followed by field cultivation harrowing, disking, or hoeing.

Then, the best time would be during the fall to get the fine-textured soils in the northern area. If the field is on steep slopes, do not do it during fall.

Listing can also be an option to prepare the seedbed for corn. It opens a furrow by throwing the soil to the sides.

It is great for dry and hot areas with medium-texture soils.

You can try other methods like ridge-planting and cultivator planting. Those methods are the essential part of how to planting corn.

Preparing The Soil

Prepare soil for planting corn

Now, we get to the steps of how to prepare soil for planting corn. The initial step to do is to perform a soil test.

It is done to find out the pH of the soil. Apply this step about one year before planting. Hence, you get the ideal area to grow corn.

After that, cultivate the soil under the full sun. You can use a gardening tool that fits your planting area. Loosen it about 6 inches in depth.

Make sure the soil is clear from rocks, clumps, and weeds. Then, incorporate compost in the soil within a 2 to 3-inch layer.

After you get the result from the pH test, you should know the right amount of fertilizer for the soil.

However, you can also have an alternative which you can incorporate the 12-12-12 fertilizer, 4 pounds per a hundred square feet.

When the growing season comes, utilize a fertilizer that contains high nitrogen. It is done when you see the plants reach about 61 cm high.

Before sowing the seeds, you have to rake the soil to level them.

Preparing The Corn Seeds

Prepare corn seeds for planting

Corn seeds are also something to prepare. If you know how to prepare corn seeds for planting, begin the sowing process.

If you do not know, prepare it properly with these steps.

Well, you can buy the seeds from the store. To begin, place the corn seed in a large container or bowl filled with lukewarm water.

The water should be 2 inches from the top. The seeds will get bigger because they are soaking the liquid. So, make sure to choose the right bowl size to accommodate them.

Then, if you see some seeds floating on top of the water, they are not viable. Just remove and discard them from the bowl.

Leave the bowl alone in a warm area to sit overnight. After that, drain the water and you can begin the sowing process.

How to Plant Corn Step By Step

Plant corn step by step

After the preparation is all finished, it is time to plant the corn seeds. These steps of how to planting corn would be easy to follow.

Begin the process by sowing the corn seeds about 1 to 2 inches deep into the soil. The distance should be about 12 inches.

The rows should be about 24 inches apart from the other rows. After that, water the bed until the soil is moist enough.

Make sure the top 6 inches get the impact. Importantly, keep the soil moist. Do not let it dry out while the germination process occurs.

It takes about 14 days to sprout.

The next step is covering the corn bed. Use a floating row cover when you see the sprouts. It will prevent pest problems.

Also, it gives them light cold protection. Instead, you can use a plastic plant collar for the cover. After the stalks produce five leaves, remove the cover immediately.

These steps of how to grow corn seeds continue with covering the soil.

When the corn is tall enough, you have to cover the bed with mulch. It should be about 2-inch in size. This is to retain moisture and avoid the growth of weeds.

Next, do watering every three days.

Besides, when you see the top 1 inch of soil got dried out, it is time for watering. You can add supplemental fertilizer.

Apply the 46-0-0 fertilizer about a quarter pound for every 50 square feet of the soil area.

It should be done when the stalks have eight leaves. Check for pests and diseases regularly. So, how long does corn take to grow?

As mentioned, they need about 60 to 100 days to reach harvest.

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Tips On How to Grow Good Corn

After knowing how to planting corn, this page gives you several tips. The following things are important to do to get successful growth:

  • Feed the corn before and during the growing season
  • Pick the sunny spot to plant the corn
  • Plant the seeds outdoors directly
  • Plant the corn in the Spring
  • To get the right pollination, plant enough corn
  • Do a lot of watering for growing corn
  • Provide the support as it grows
  • Check out for common corn diseases and pests
  • Do hand-pollinating corn if needed
  • Harvest the corn when it’s plump and full ears

Companion Corn

Companion Corn

For companion planting, corn can be a good friend for several plants. They will share mutual benefits. Furthermore, there are nine best companions.

You can plant it with basil, pole beans, sunflowers, white clover, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, nasturtiums, and dill.

In addition, there are several plants you should avoid planting side by side with the corn.

The plants like cabbage, broccoli, kale, and tomatoes won’t be good friends with corn. They will ruin the growth of each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What Is the Best Month to Plant Corn?

A : As mentioned before, you should begin planting the corn during the spring. To be exact, plant it between April 5 and May 5.

Thus, it will yield significantly less.

Q : Should You Soak Corn Before Planting?

A : Yes, it is already mentioned in the previous section of this article. That would be the right way to prepare the corn seeds before sowing.

Then, the seeds will be ready after you soak them overnight.

Q : How Long to Soak Corn Seeds Before Planting?

A : You can leave the seeds soaking in a bowl overnight. However, some seeds need only about a few hours to soak.

So, the range should be up to 24 hours. Then, get them out of the water. Eight hours would be the limit for the seeds being the usual. Sow them after soaking.

Q : Should You Water Corn every day?

A : No, you should water corn every week. It aims to provide adequate soil moisture. Corn has deep roots. Likewise, water it long enough.

Therefore, it gives the water a chance to reach a depth of 30 to 36 inches.

Q : What Is the Best Spacing for Corn?

A : The space between the seeds should be 12 inches apart in a row when sowing. Meanwhile, the size should be about 26 inches apart from the other rows.

Using that measurement will be better. If you plant them too close, the corn would be very un-sweet and it will be starchy too.


If you are interested in growing corn in your backyard garden, this article has prepared you for that. This guide on how to planting corn is very helpful to you, right?

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