How to Grow Pineapple from The Top: Using The Right Method

How to grow pineapple from the top

If you want to know the right way how to grow pineapple from the top, this is the place. This article will present all things you need.

As we know, Pineapple plants enjoy the sun. Therefore, you often find them in sunny regions.

In the United States, Pineapple plants mostly grow in central and south America, including Hawaii. You can grow pineapples in your garden right from the seed.

Furthermore, growing the plant from the top or crown that you get from the store-bought pineapple is also possible.

Pineapple would be a lovely tropical plant to have in your garden. You may start growing them indoors in a window for a houseplant.

Take care of it long enough and you will get a delicious pineapple for your meal.

Methods of Growing Pineapple

There are actually several methods to try for growing pineapple in your garden. They are all easy to apply. You can choose the best way to grow the fruit according to your preferences.

Well, you can start growing pineapple from the seeds, tops, and young plants.

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How to Grow Pineapple From Seed


Let us begin with a traditional method to grow pineapple plants. If you want to start growing from the seed, purchase the package from the store or you can get it from the pineapple fruit.

It is recommended to buy the yellow-ripe one. It would be different with the steps of how to grow pineapple from the top.

Check out the small black seeds as you cut the pineapple. The tiny black ones in from the outside edge. Then, gather the seeds and rinse them.

After that, you can start the germination by lightly wrapping the seeds in a wet paper towel. Finally, put them inside a plastic zipper bag.

Importantly, store the bag in warm condition. To be exact, it should be around 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

It needs about 6 months to sprout. You have to wait that long to put the baby plants in the containers. Afterward, put them in a temporary place with a 2-quart size.

When they are large enough, you can move them to a garden or a permanent pot of larger size.

For those who do not realize, Pineapples do have seeds. Both the commercial and the wild variant have seeds.

The wild pineapple may have more seeds. It is also consumable but it does not have a taste. Although, there are no Pineapple seeds benefits to get from eating it.

How to Grow Pineapple From The Plant


Everybody can have a jumpstart in planting. You can also do that by growing a pineapple plant. Likewise, this method allows you to purchase some young plants and put them in your garden.

Head to your local garden center. Some online sources are also available.

Indeed, the pineapple’s roots like to be in dry condition and well-drained. It is similar to cacti which have soil with acidic pH of 4.5-6.5.

However, watering is also important. You have to water the pineapple plant when the soil is dry. Make sure to check inside the junctions.

If there is water in the spot where the leaves meet the plant, you do not have to do watering at all.

Fertilizing should be done monthly. Use the balanced liquid fertilizer. Mix it up and showered it over the plant like the standard watering.

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How to Grow Pineapple from the Top

Grow Pineapple from the Top

Can you plant a pineapple top to grow? Yes, you can. Firstly, purchase well-ripened pineapples from the store.

Then, choose the one that has the healthiest top. It is okay if there are several rough leaves. Further, it is recommended to choose the best one there.

After you get the perfect fruit, you can remove the top. Just grasp the fruit and twist it off carefully. Next, remove the lower about half dozen leaves from the green shoot’s bottom.

Set them aside and let them dry out for a week or so.

Hold the top and set it in shallow warm water in a bowl. After several days, you should change the water regularly.

Moreover, you will see some growing roots after several weeks. After that, you can begin planting the treated top into the pot.

Before that, prepare a pot that sizes 10 inches. Fill it with a coarse potting mix. After the plant is planted in the pot, apply liquid fertilizer.

You can also grow the pineapple top indoors as a tropical houseplant. During warm weather, you can move it outdoors.

It is actually easy to know the method which answers the question of “how do you grow pineapple from the top?”.

However, the downside of growing pineapple from the top is that it can seem to take a really long time to completely grow and be ready to harvest.

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Taking Care of Pineapple Plants

Taking Care of Pineapple Plants

Using the steps of how to grow pineapple from the top, seeds, or plants would require the right maintenance or care.

Well, after you have an established pineapple plant, it will be easy to care for. You have to give it the right amount of sun and temperature.

Full sun is the best condition to grow this plant. You can give it a partial shade to help maintain the leaf production.

Make sure to give it about six hours under the sunlight.

As mentioned before, watering is important even though it is a tropical plant. Water helps the root to develop.

Just water it once a week and avoid over-watering. How about the soil? loamy or sandy soil is preferable. It should have a slight acidity and be well-drained.

For the fertilizer, the best NPK content, in the beginning, would be 6-6-6 to 10-10-10. Leaf production is very important to produce a flower.

So, you have to avoid removing leaves. Pruning can be done when there is some damage made by insects or bruising.

Thus, remove the brown and dead leaves as soon as possible. Check out the plants regularly for such leaves.

If you want to propagate the plant, check out the previous information for the planting. You have to keep in mind that all fruit should be removed from the top or crown before planting.

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Tips for Growing Pineapple

After knowing about how to grow a pineapple from the top, seeds, and young plants, there are more things to get you ready.

There are some tips to grow a pineapple in your garden. As a result, the pineapple will grow and taste deliciously sweet.

  • Pineapple can be grown outdoors. But, it is only recommended for zone 11-12 based on USDA Plant Hardiness Zones.
  • Growing pineapple in containers should be on the outside until the temperature is freezing. While indoors, the best option would be at the south-facing window.
  • The maturity and fruiting time might take about 2-3 years. The pineapple plant will take a long time to be mature. After that, they will bear the first fruit.
  • After harvesting the first one, the plant will need another one or two years for another fruit to harvest.
  • Sucker is the baby plant that forms below the soil. You can remove the sucker to start new pineapples.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How Long Does It Take to Grow a Pineapple From The Top?

A : As mentioned, it needs a long time. The tops or crown of a pineapple plant will take about 24 months or two years long to fruit.

Growing the pineapple in colder climates requires a longer time.

However, this type of plant needs simple maintenance. Although regular watering is not needed, you just have to make sure the soil is not dry.

Otherwise, you might find any problem with the growth. Therefore, you will have to read again about how to plant this fruit from the top.

Q : Are Coffee Grounds Good for Pineapple Plants?

A : Thankfully, coffee grounds are exactly good for pineapple plants. Indeed, they will be a great fertilizer for roses, azaleas, blueberries, cabbage, lilies, radishes, carrots, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and hollies.

Furthermore, coffee grounds contain a high level of nitrogen.

Pineapple love and need that to grow healthy. So, you can sprinkle the grounds on the soil top. Then, spray a little bit of water.

However, coffee grounds are not for all plants. You have to avoid using them on tomatoes, alfalfa, and clovers.

This is also the essential part if you want to plant pineapples from the top.

Q : Can I Grow a Pineapple in My House?

A : Definitely, you can grow a pineapple in your house. Indeed, planting this plant from the seeds should begin indoors.

Then, when it becomes a young plant, it should be in the outdoors. However, you can let it stay indoors but at the brightest spot of the house or window.


Finally, you have to find the best way to plant your favorite fruit. After knowing how to grow pineapple from the top, you might begin the process. Grab the best pineapple fruits you can get.

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