Researchers Reveal How Gardening Helps Mental Health and Alleviates Depression

How Gardening Can Help with Your Mental Health

Did you know that tending plants in your yard is an effective way to stay psychologically healthy? In fact, scientists have found a positive correlation between actively working with plants and your mind’s well-being.

Here is how gardening helps mental health and alleviates depression!

According to the latest findings, you will feel a lot better mentally when you do gardening, even if you’ve never done it before.

This study was performed by researchers from the University of California, and it was published in the journal of PLOS ONE.

So, if you feel like the world is against you, and need a little pause, start gardening! And now, let’s get started with how gardening helps mental health.

How Does Gardening Help with Depression & Anxiety?

Scientists from the University of California argue that gardening may provide you with comfort and enhance your mood. In the journal, the scientists found that the level of depression and anxiety decreased after the participants of the research took part in gardening activities.

This phenomenon is often referred to as Therapeutic Horticulture.

The research concluded how gardening helps mental health because plants have a crucial role in our evolution. Humans instinctively feel more comfortable around plants because we have always depended on them for food and shelter.

Before humans even invented farming, we relied on hunting and gathering berries. The importance of plants has been deeply ingrained in our subconsciousness.

How Gardening Helps Mental Health and Alleviates Depression. Baby Gardening.

But not just that.

Successfully growing something out of nothing apparently induces the production of endorphins. It is a hormone that can trigger the feeling of happiness. Watching your plants grow and perhaps produce flowers as well as fruits is very rewarding. And that is how gardening helps mental health.

Moreover, gardening will encourage you to have a more disciplined lifestyle. You will feel compelled to protect your garden, and it’ll provide you with a purpose. This type of activity will dispel the dark feelings that were caused by your depression and anxiety.

Having a new passion and new project is a good way to prevent anxiety and depression. Thus, taking up gardening is an effective alternative to support the health of your mind.

Working around plants is also a good way to maintain your oxygen level. People who are exposed to CO2 after being isolated inside a small room may get cranky easily. Having a mini garden inside your house will be beneficial for your health.

For those who own a yard, having a garden will encourage them to get out. Gardening gives us a chance to be exposed to the sun, move around a little bit, and inhale fresh air.

Of course, if you are feeling severely depressed or anxious, you will still need to see a medical expert. Nonetheless, knowing how gardening helps mental health will be useful if you want to have better mental well-being!

What Plant Helps with Depression?

Contrary to widely held belief, you do not have to own a large yard to start a garden. In fact, you do not even have to have a plot of land at all to do it!

For instance, you can have your own miniature indoor garden on your balcony. Such gardening has the same effect as good as the actual outdoor one. Of course, depending on the type of garden that you want to make, you will have to consider your plant choice.

What Plant Helps with Depression? Cactus.

For an indoor garden, you may consider cactus or other succulents. You can also collect Aglaonemas. Those type of plant does not require little sunlight and maintenance. Yet, they will add a pop of color to your room, which will help with your depression.

You can even start a terrarium or put various potted flowers on your windowsill. If you love cooking too, having an indoor herb garden is also an excellent idea!

If you do own a yard, vegetables, like carrots or cabbages, will be a good choice. You can start with easy plants like potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes. Any plants that can produce corps are good for alleviating your anxiety and depression. The feeling of harvesting your vegetable garden is so satisfying.

Alternatively, you may choose to plant various flowering plants in your outdoor garden. Seeing them bloom after your continuous gardening effort will fill your heart with more determination.

In the end, the way how gardening helps mental health is undeniably unique. It is such a heart-warming fact that plants, organisms that do not have a thought on their own, can influence the way we think.