13 Most Suitable Gardening Tools for Elderly! The Best Selection

Gardening tools for elderly

Besides being fun, gardening can also be an excellent activity to improve your physical and mental health. In fact, gardening is especially suitable for the elderly who tend to do monotonous and boring activities.

They will be healthier if they do creative activities like gardening, which helps them get some light exercise.

Maybe you are wondering if your elders are not in good physical condition, isn’t it risky for them to do gardening? Take it easy, friends. Of course, we will give you various tips and recommend various gardening tools for elderly so they can still enjoy gardening activities.

Gardening will be easier if you choose the right tools. A task that is quite difficult will feel easier with the right equipment. If you are elderly and want to start gardening, we have several recommended tools to make gardening much easier.

Best 13 Gardening Tools for Elderly

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1. Spade

Seniors gardening

Spade is a tool specialized for digging, lifting, and moving certain materials such as soil, new gravel, or sand. With a good spade, we can move large amounts of material at once. To accommodate the elderly’s weaker wrists, make sure to choose a shovel that is not too big and heavy.

2. Loppers

Lopper is a tough pruner used for cutting thick woody stems and hard-to-reach branches. Loppers have long handles that provide high leverage without exerting much effort. Hence, even older people can use this tool with ease. The equipment can cut both large and hard-to-reach stems in less time with less effort.

3. Pruning Saw

A pruning saw is a tool with the same sharp part as woodcutting saw. However, a pruning saw is used to cut live shrubs and trees. The shrubbery in your garden will become more attractive if you prune it regularly. Not only that, pruning plants will improve health and productivity. You will get better crop yields if you regularly prune your plants. Elderlies shou

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4. Watering Can

A watering can is one of the handiest gardening tools for elderly.

A watering can is a container shaped like a large kettle which usually has a handle and a funnel. With a watering can, we can supply water to plants more effectively because the water will be spread more evenly. It is more efficient and requires less energy. You can get watering cans with metal or ceramic material, but we recommend the plastic ones since it is lighter. Truly one of the most versatile gardening tools for elderly!

5. Garden Gloves

Gardening gloves are usually made of latex rubber. It is commonly waterproof, so it will make you safe and comfortable. Because it is made of latex, it is anti-slip, so when you hold some tools, you do not have to worry about dropping them. Gloves also protect your nails from dirt getting into them. Wear gloves so that dirt does not get caught in your fingernails!

6. A Garden Hose

You will find it difficult to use a watering can to water plants that are far from the water source. Carrying a bucket of water is also not ideal for the elderly. So, to make it easier, you can use a hose instead. Before installing a gardening hose, consider the size of your garden so that all of the areas are covered. After you are done using it, make sure to roll it up well and do not twist it.

7. Wheelbarrow

Again, heavy lifting is not ideal for the elderly’s back. So, the Wheelbarrow is one of the best gardening tools for elderly that will eliminate tough activities. By using a cart, you can heavy items with ease. Handcarts with two wheels are more stable on the ground, while single-wheeled handcarts are more navigable in confined spaces or sloping ground. Don’t choose the wrong cart, okay?

8. A Weeder

Grass can steal our plants’ nutrients, so you need to get rid of them at once. But, bending over for hours to weed undesired grass can be taxing to the knees and back. Plus, grasses will continue to grow naturally. If you have large enough land and feel unwilling to pull the grass one by one, you can use a weeder to make it practical and fast. It is one of the most useful gardening tools for elderly that will make strenuous activities feel easier!

9. Kneeling Pad

The elderly’s bones are very vulnerable, especially the joints. When you put your knee on the ground, use a pad as a cushion to strengthen and protect your leg! A kneeling pad will also give support to your joints so that your joints do not fully support your body’s weight which is very dangerous.

10. Back Support Belt

The Elderly often suffers from back pain induced by prolonged gardening activities. Fortunately, a back support belt can provide your back with extra protection. By using a back support belt, your back will feel lighter. It will train the back and core muscles to become stronger. A back support belt can also improve your posture.

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11. Watering Timer

Sprinkler with watering timer.

You want to stay at your child’s house, but you are worried that your plants will die because no one is watering them? Don’t worry. You can use a watering timer to set an automatic system. To be more affordable, you can use a 1.5L mineral bottle. Fill the bottle and cover the mouth with a little bit of rag. Then bury the bottleneck upside down near the plants. This bottle can be used for a makeshift watering system for at least 3-5 days.

12. Garden Box

With a garden box, you can prevent weeds from spreading throughout the field, reduce the chance of being attacked by pests, and keep the soil in the box from eroding by water or rain.  The plants will also look neater.  You do not really have to buy it if you want to be thrifty. Simply prepare wood or stone that will be used as a barrier. It’s a good trick for elderly people!

13. UV Protection

For your information, currently, the UV radiation level is very high. It can cause severe sunburn and damage to the skin and can even cause skin cancer. Elderly skin that is already thin and difficult to regenerate really needs to be protected from the bad UV. Use sunblock, and do not forget to wear a hat to protect your face from direct sunlight!

Those are some best gardening tools for elderly that will help the activities safer and not as strenuous. Do not hesitate to start gardening. It will make you happier, healthier, and more creative!

Now, if you are just getting into gardening, you may want to check our tips on how to clean your tools and keep them from getting rusty!