Companion Planting For Cabbage To Be Healthier

Companion Planting For Cabbage

Companion planting for cabbage is a great way to fill up the garden and keep them away from pests. For cabbages, they have a lot of companions.

For instance, the companions are like herbs, flowers, and other vegetables. So, what are the best ones to accompany the cabbages?

We will find out the whole thing in this article.

What Is Companion Planting?

Companion planting is such a practice that comes from the past. It has been a gardening method that functions in multiple ways.

Additionally, it creates a beneficial reciprocity system between the plants in the garden.

Indeed, plants need more than sunlight, water, and good soil to grow healthy and happy. A companion from other plants can really make them thrive.

Besides, other plants can keep them away from unwanted insects.

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What To Plant Next To Cabbage

Flowers and cabbage companion planting

There are many good plants for companion planting for cabbage. Likewise, it is very easy to find the right plant to be side by side with this vegetable.

When you find out the thing that works best for your garden concept, you are good to go. Some of the best ones to pick are as follows.

1. Veggies in Cabbage Family

There will be no other choices that are better than cabbage family companions. We are talking about the Brussel sprouts, Swiss chard, Broccoli, Kale, Cauliflower, and even Napa cabbages.

Furthermore, they are treated just like the cabbage. As a result, having them side by side will let them thrive together.

As we know, this family of vegetables is easy to grow.

However, you should not grow too many cabbage families or Brassicas in one place. They might out-compete each other.

2. Aromatic Herbs

Cabbages can be the best friend for tons of herbs. Therefore, you can grow any kind of herbal plant as a companion planting for cabbage.

Many of them can attract beneficial insects and trap pests. As a result, the veggies would also taste great.

Let us take an example. Rosemary can repel moths and it also improves the flavor. It is because the herb provides calcium, sulfur, potassium to the soil.

Sage is one kind of herb that can also destroy flea beetles, cabbage moths, and carrot flies.

Some other herbs to consider are dill, chives, and wormwood. Well, aromatic herbal plants will add visual and palette variety to the garden.

However, some herbs cannot be the companion planting for cabbage.

3. Peas and Beans

To grow a cabbage, it will need sun. But, shade is also needed when the afternoon provides hard sunlight.

Beans and Peas can give the cabbage plant the shade it needs. Then, it is recommended to plant them in the south area of the garden.

They will block the sun when needed.

These plants can also provide nitrogen to the soil. Thereupon, they are a great companion to plant nearby the cabbage.

4. Root Vegetables

Try having beets, onions, carrots, and parsnips near the cabbage plant. These plants can help provide the unearth nutrients that come from the soil.

For example, beet’s leaves will give the cabbage the magnesium on the soil. However, it can only happen when they expire.

So, when that happens, you can crush the leaves up and just leave them. Thus, they will improve the flavor of the cabbage.

5. Flowers

Flowers would not only add colors and more beauty to the garden. Also these varieties can protect the companion plants from unwanted insect pests.

Instead, it invites beneficial insects to come and treat the cabbage.

Marigold is the best choice for cabbage. This flower will keep the cabbage plants away from aphids, nematodes, whiteflies, and Japanese beetles.

Besides marigolds, you can also choose Geranium to plant near the cabbage. You will love the scent.

6. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is such an excellent companion planting for cabbage. This plant is not an herb. Many people use it in cooking for green manure.

Having buckwheat nearby the cabbage will attract parasitic wasps.

The wasps will eat particular pests called Cabbage loopers. As a result, those insects would be kept away from the plant.

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What Not To Plant Next To Cabbage

What not to plant next to cabbage

After knowing what to plant, it is important to know which plant cannot be a good choice for companion planting for cabbage.

Hence, here are some bad companions to plant nearby.

1. Tomatoes

These plants need similar nutrients to cabbages. So, tomatoes might out-compete them. The roots will not go well together as well.

There is a high chance that cabbages can stunt the tomatoes nearby. Hornworms would come to eat both of the plants.

Therefore, make sure to plant cabbages away from the tomatoes. Do not plant them together in one place.

2. Too Many Cabbage Family

It is good to plant other brassicas side by side with the cabbage plant. However, do not grow too many of them.

The nutrients will not be enough for all of them. Then, the insects might come and destroy the plants easily.

3. Lettuce

This plant looks like cabbage but it is not actually the same. Both plants cannot go well with each other.

With lettuce crops beside the cabbages, the heads will not grow healthy.

4. Strawberries

In the category of fruit, do not grow strawberries in the same bed as cabbage. They will compete for nutrients.

As we know, both of them have shallow roots that could intertwine. Therefore, there will be many pests coming to them.

5. Rue

Another bad thing to companion planting for cabbage is rue. This aromatic herb is something to avoid. The plant can attract whiteflies and other pests.

That is the reason. This also leeches chemicals into the soil which is not good for any plants.

How To Maintain Cabbage Plants

How to maintain cabbage plants

This companion planting for cabbage article will also provide about the care of the plants. It is easy to know how to maintain cabbage plants.

Initially, it is essential to understand how to treat cabbage pests first.

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How To Treat Cabbage Pests


There are some methods to choose from in dealing with pests. The best Companion Planting For Cabbage Worms is to spray it.

What Do You Spray Cabbage With? Well, you can use Bt (Bacillus thrungiensis var. Kurstaki). Apply it every one to two weeks.

Thus, it will help you deal with pests. Otherwise, there are some organic ways to prevent and control them.

You can do manual removal by checking the plants regularly. Apply floating row covers on the garden bed.

These tips also work well for Companion Planting For Cabbage Moth. You can decorate the moths and destroy them altogether.

Another way to prevent and control the moth and worms, you can plant the red or purple cabbage variety.

If you want to know about Companion Planting For Red Cabbage, well it is similar to the ordinary cabbage.

However, the red variety has a low chance of dealing with pests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What Month Do You Plant Cabbage?

A : When is the proper time to plant cabbage in your garden? Well, we know that this plant is a cool-weather crop.

So, spring will be a great season to grow cabbage. Then, you can harvest it before the summer heat.

There is also another choice to go with. You can plant the cabbage in the middle to late summer seasons.

After that, you can harvest it during the autumn. Make sure you know about companion planting for cabbage before you begin.

Q : Does Cabbage Need Sun Or Shade?

A : Cabbage needs full sun for about 6 to 8 hours. Besides, this plant requires sufficient water. Importantly, do watering in the morning.

Ensure that the water reaches the soil level. However, you should keep the leaves dry.

Otherwise, this plant needs shade under the hard sunlight in the afternoon. Hence, peas and beans are the best companions to provide the needed shades.

Q : Can You Plant Cabbage And Collards Together?

A : You should not grow a cabbage plant alongside the collard, especially when planted in large quantities together.

They will get fewer nutrients than they need. Next to the collards, you can plant potatoes, mint, dill, celery, sage, thyme, and Pennyroyal.

Furthermore, you can grow beets, Onions, Lavender, chamomile, and rosemary. To improve the flavor of the collards, plant chamomile beside them.

Besides cabbage, you cannot plant Collard greens in rotation with Strawberries or Rue.

Q : How Often Should I Water My Cabbage?

A : Watering is a crucial part of growing vegetables like cabbages. Therefore, this plant needs consistently moist soil.

However, you can leave it on wet, soggy soil. You have to water the cabbage regularly in order to have leafy heads on the plant.

Importantly, do watering every week. If you find the soil is dry to 3 inches in depth, you should do the watering more frequently.

With this practice, you can grow a healthy and leafy cabbage.


Various plants are available to choose as the best companion planting for cabbage. If you opt for the proper plant, you will have healthy and delicious cabbages.

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