The Best Houseplants for the South-facing Window

The Best Houseplants for the South-facing Window

Have you felt something is missing when you are looking at your window? It could be that your windows are too simple and boring to look at, especially when the weather outside is not great, and there is nothing good to see out there.

One of the loveliest ways to prettify your window is to place potted houseplants. Here we have compiled some of the best houseplants for the south-facing window!

If you feel like it, you may want to try decorating your windows with some greeneries. Or, if your windows already look good, you might also consider redecorating to give them a fresh look.

Apart from giving your room a fresh look, it will also liven up your house. Be sure to check the room conditions, such as temperature and humidity levels, before you decide to place houseplants.

Here are some tips for picking the best houseplants for the south-facing window!

Why Put Houseplants on the South Window?

The window is essentially ventilation for light because it provides fresh sunlight during the day. Sunlight is also known as a source of life. So, placing living things such as houseplants is a smart idea.

Besides decoration, it is also a clever way to use the life-giving light! The more plants, the livelier your room will be. Your best houseplants for the south-facing window will receive just enough sunlight. It won’t get scorched by sunrise or sunset.

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What Plants are Suitable for South-facing Windows?

To determine what plants are suitable for your window, you must consider a good composition based on diverse types, sizes, and colors. The best houseplants for the south-facing window usually have long leaves, such as Sansevieria. It will look good, and the plant will thrive there.

For a small window, mini succulents are an excellent choice. You can place it around the window frame, on a mini desk near it, or even hang the plant in front of your window.

For south-facing windows, it is good to have plants that are easy to keep even with indirect sunlight. They are Succulents, Cactus, and exotic, colorful tropical plants. These types are suitable for south-facing windows, especially tropical plants that require a certain amount of sunlight to keep their bold colors stand out.

What Are the Best Indoor Plants for South-facing Windows?

The best way is to have plants that do not need a lot of water and won’t easily die from drying out, because you would not want your plant to die just because you didn’t water them for a day or two, right?

Succulents fit perfectly into those criteria, they can tolerate drought, which means they do not need intensive watering. They also come in various types and shapes, from hand-sized plants with beautiful blooming green flowers to hanging-type succulents that hang like strands of green pears.

They are also very stable and didn’t change much over time, making them look like living sculptures.

Well, Colorful tropical plants are great and will make your room look cheerful, but the color of the plants usually depends on the sunlight intake.

The less sunlight, the less color there would be. So, keeping it alive is not as simple as keeping succulents which come in mainly green color tones.

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Why Do Plants Like South-facing Windows?

We know that our planet rotates in a slightly tilted position. That causes the sun’s exposure to the southern parts of the earth slightly longer. This causes the southern region to be exposed to more sun, and plants very favor it.

In general, houseplants are known as natural air purifiers because they give off oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. This process occurs during photosynthesis which is also helped by sunlight. That’s why they’ll love the south-facing windows that are known to provide a good amount of sun exposure.

Choosing the best houseplant for your window is not only about the practicality or the most efficient way to use the south-facing window advantages. It’s very important to understand how to keep the houseplants alive and healthy.

Eventually, it’s really up to you to choose which one suits your room best. If you have artistic taste and love those colorful tropical plants more than the green-tone succulents, and don’t mind giving them extra care, then go for it!

Now that you have some insight into the best plants for the south-facing window let’s get started and liven up your room! 

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